Kelston Deaf Education Centre (KDEC) and The Hearing House (THH) are joint-habilitation providers to the Northern Cochlear Implant Programme (NCIP).

The KDEC CIH Team aims to support all school-age students who have, or are receiving, a Cochlear Implant (CI) under the NCIP in order to maximise their auditory potential.

Cochlear implants are designed to provide useful hearing to students who get little or no benefit from hearing aids. The CIH team works with the student, family and school to provide a variety of services.


A Cochlear Implant Referral Assessment Meeting (CIRAM) is held with the parents, student (depending on age), educators and other relevant professionals to familiarize them with cochlear implants, describe NCIP, and assess the student’s auditory and communicative competence.

A recommendation is made for further assessments by the NCIP team.


CHI involves liaising with NCIP Audiologists, guiding and coaching parents, those working with the student, attending Hearing Progress Review (HPR) Meetings and reporting on students.

CIH is provided in the school, home, or via Skype following a hierarchy of listening skills.

CIH is frequent until students develop sophisticated listening skills or are two years post switch-on. CIH then shifts to a ‘monitoring’ level which usually means that students receive CIH for listening and spoken language assessments according to the NCIP Habilitation Assessment Protocol.

If you require further information please contact:

Jayne Simpson (Regional Services - Auckland/Northland)

Eileen Raynel-Haine (Regional Services - Papakura/Waikato/Bay of Plenty)

Alice Bennett (KDEC School Provisions - Specialist Services Team Leader)