The purpose of the KDEC museum is to support the needs of the Deaf Studies curriculum of New Zealand as well as to research, maintain and continue to develop the living history of Deaf Education at Kelston.

The content of the museum is housed in and around an original 1960 girls’ dormitory. As well as an interesting range of memorabilia of books, records, furniture and photographs, there are educational, technical, communication and medical artifacts. These portray the rich history of Deaf Education since the 1940s.

The most popular feature of the museum is the photographic collection of classes and staff groups. There is also an interesting photographic “timeline” - a collection of general and candid snapshots displayed in chronological order.

Susan, our archivist, specializes in supporting students, staff and the wider community to access information and materials about Deaf Education in New Zealand. Guided tours can be arranged and customized to the needs of individuals and small groups. However, access to the museum is by appointment only. Please email or phone or fax us to make an appointment with Susan.

There is a charge for copies of photographs. There is also a 500 page history called “The Chronicles of Titirangi, Mt. Wellington and Kelston Schools for the Deaf 1942-2010” available for purchase. Order your copy from the KDEC Resource Catalogue.

It is possible to arrange short term loan of some items but only for educational purposes.