The KDEC School Specialist Services Team includes the audiology service and the following professional staff:

  • Speech-Language Therapists
  • School Counsellor
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist

Students enrolled in the KDEC School can access the required specialist services following a service referral. Service referrals are made at school enrolment and during the school year, often at IEP meetings.

The Specialist Services Team works collaboratively with families/whānau, teachers, teacher aids, and other professionals.

For referred KDEC students, the Specialist Services team provides:

  • Comprehensive assessments and programmes with individualised IEP goals.
  • Strategies, resources, and recommendations to support students to access the NZ Curriculum and to achieve their maximum potential.


Audiology services are offered to all children enrolled in the KDEC School. The audiologist works collaboratively with the student, their family/whānau, the specialists, and the teacher to ensure the student's hearing needs are met.

We are looking forward to the new audiology clinic which will be located within the redeveloped administration block at Kelston Deaf Education Centre (Archibald Rd, Kelston). In the meantime students can be seen at their Deaf Provision for complete audiological evaluations, to monitor hearing and middle ear status, and to fit new hearing aids as required. Questions and concerns about hearing, hearing equipment or communication are welcomed by the audiologist.

Students who have cochlear implants are seen by the Northern Cochlear Implant team. We are able to monitor the student’s external equipment and their hearing with the cochlear implant on, and we are able to liaise with the CI team, when required.


Ear Clinics are a free service for pre-school and school age children (birth-18 years of age) that are offered in the community. They offer ear health assessments including examinations involving wax and foreign body removal.

Please Note: Hearing tests are not carried out in the ear clinics.

If you wish to make an appointment, please phone one of the clinics in your local area. Check your local listings for ear clinics.

Auckland area clinics are listed below:

Waitakere Hospital Ear Nurses

839-0000 ext 6079 or 021 947 253 or 839 0546

North Shore Hospital

486 8996

Otara Clinic

270 9060 Fax: 270 9061


267 7676 Fax: 267 7776


255 0607 Fax: 267 7776


09 237 0660 Fax: 09 237 0670


270 4703 Fax: 270 4712


295 1280 Fax: 295 1277

Central Auckland Mobile Ear Nurse Clinics

639 0200 ext 27303