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Video: How Online Support Learning works

Download images and play Kahoot! using 100 of the most frequently used words.

Download images and play Kahoot! using 500 of the most frequently used words.

Signs used when describing many of New Zealand's public holidays and special events.

Watch NZSL videos and match the name and flag of the country with the sign.

High Frequency Words, in English and NZSL, are grouped alphabetically and according to reading level.

For words that have no recognised sign in the Deaf community, we have created signs in consultation with Deaf teachers and NZSL tutors

Watch instructional videos, and download corresponding PDF instruction cards, for 25 popular NZSL classroom games.

NZSL Sign and Sing

Select any of the active alphabet squares to access a preposition exercise

Te Reo Singalong in NZSL created by The Writing Bug.

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