Rūaumoko - The Rumbling Voice, is an interactive educational digital book narrated by Deaf Māori students in Te Reo Turi and New Zealand Sign Language.

It tells the story of Rūaumoko, The Māori God of Earthquakes, and looks at the relationship of this deity to Deaf Māori people.
Produced as an educational resource, this digital book was developed over an intensive five day workshop held in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Kelston Deaf Education Centre, CORE Education Ltd and KIWA Digital.
This narration is supported by text and audio in Te Reo Māori and English.

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Tēnā Koutou Katoa

Ko Waitakere te maunga

Ko Waitemata te moana

Ko Whau te awa

Ko Waipareira te whenua

Ko Ruāmoko te marae

Rūaumoko Marae was established in 8th December 1992 on the KDEC site. The Marae is unique being the only Deaf Marae in the world. Rūaumoko is special and it holds a special place in the hearts of KDEC staff and students.

The Marae is called “Rūaumoko”. Rūaumoko means “unborn child” and the God of Earthquakes. Rūaumoko makes the earth move and by doing so gains the attention of all creatures. This is a Deaf way too, Deaf people stamp on the floor to gain attention because this sends vibrations through the wooden boards and people look up to the source of the vibrations. The vibrations are as if Rūaumoko is talking to us.

Rūaumoko Marae is there for Deaf children. It is a place where children can learn their kaupapa, marae protocol and Māori culture.


Over the years Rūaumoko Marae has had many visitors from all around New Zealand and overseas including MPs, VIPs, The Board of the World Federation of the Deaf and recently a group of Japanese Deaf people came to stay with us.

Pōwhiri on Rūaumoko welcomes these people to the very heart of our Centre and they become tanagata whenua. When it is time for people to leave our Centre a poroporaki is held to pay respect to them, and their whānau, as we say farewell. At Rūaumoko Marae it doesn’t matter what your culture or ethnic origin is, if you are Deaf or hearing, everyone is welcome on our Marae. Te Komiti Mana Tangata Turi o Rūaumoko Marae (Māori Deaf committee of Rūaumoko Marae) have regular monthly meetings. These people are drawn from Māori Deaf members of the community.

If you would like further information please contact Helen Jacob - Māori Cultural Advisor ruaumokomarae@deafeducation.nz

Nō reira tēnā koutou te whānau